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Invoicing and Management Software totally integrated with the rest of the products of MICROAREA guarantees the user the inter-performance of our accounting, taxation, and payroll software, and much more...

MaGest has been designed to provide the company, independently of its size or activity, an easy to use system of invoicing, storing and commercial management without abandoning the services that the company demands.

This new version provides a new and more effective method of working. Finally, all the processes of production, storing, invoicing, management of commercial contacts and automatic accounting fuse into one product.  When can we start working?

POShability- Terminal Sales Point

POShability- Terminal Sales Point

With a strong heart: taking advantage of the nucleus of Magest, we bring the potency of a complete package of commercial management to your sales terminal. A revolutionary, simple interface, within reach of any of its employees will demonstrate the potency of the client applications of POShability working against the application server with the capacities of a giant.
Never again work with a TPV that doesn´t link to your management.

MicroArea for Attorneys

MicroArea for Attorneys

This is the ideal software for lawyers and law firms, as it creates order and efficiency in your law practice. MicroArea for Attorneys provides all the professional services lawyers need to manage their cases and clients. Selected by the most european BAR ASSOCIATIONS to provide a standard software to their lawyers, the software has been converted in the standard tool for the biggest BARs of Europe.

Everything you need to manage your law practice…

Make more time to practice law, not manage it. Efficient, Affordable and Easy-to-Use. Work smart, not hard...

Register Your Product

Thanks for choosing MICROAREA products…

Once you have finished the setup software you will need to enter the CD-KEY provided with your new software. You will find on the rear face of your CD case or it will be provided by e-mail if you ordered the software on-line.

1.- Automatic registry of application by the Internet
Verify your computer is on-line. If not go to step 3.

2.- Get your activation code.
You should fill all fields contained in the registry forma and will click “NEXT”.
Registration wizard will connect with our server and your application will be ready to use.

3.- Handmade registry
This process should be used if you are not able to get access to Internet. You must print the registry agreement with a copy of your invoice and fax it to +1 347-493-3228. You will get a new code for manual activation.

Activation and Registration of our software

Any product of Micro Area is required to be activated to guarantee that the software is original and thereby assure you access to automatic updates. To do so, the first time the software is used, you will have to activate it by registering the application.

You will have to correctly provide the required information of your business. Without doing so, the product will not be able to obtain automatic updates and will be deactivated after a short period of use. Do not omit any of the fields. All of them must be filled in. If you leave any of them blank the ¨Next¨ button will not activate and the process will not be completed.

Although you are able to activate the product by using incorrect values, the system will verify that the information provided coincides with the information provided at the time of purchase of the product. The information that you introduce here will be processed in an absolutely confidential register.

Once the information is filled in, click the ¨Next¨ button. This will permit us to select one of the two possible options to register the application: by fax or over the internet.

If you chose the registration by means of internet, ensure that an internet connection is available during the time of registration. When you click the button to begin registration, the program will connect you to the Micro Area registration server and will register your product. A message will appear that will inform you that the product is registered. At this point, you are able to close the registration wizard and return to the application.


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