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Invoicing and Management Software totally integrated with the rest of the products of MICROAREA guarantees the user the inter-performance of our accounting, taxation, and payroll software, and much more...

MaGest has been designed to provide the company, independently of its size or activity, an easy to use system of invoicing, storing and commercial management without abandoning the services that the company demands.

This new version provides a new and more effective method of working. Finally, all the processes of production, storing, invoicing, management of commercial contacts and automatic accounting fuse into one product.  When can we start working?

POShability- Terminal Sales Point

POShability- Terminal Sales Point

With a strong heart: taking advantage of the nucleus of Magest, we bring the potency of a complete package of commercial management to your sales terminal. A revolutionary, simple interface, within reach of any of its employees will demonstrate the potency of the client applications of POShability working against the application server with the capacities of a giant.
Never again work with a TPV that doesn´t link to your management.

MicroArea for Attorneys

MicroArea for Attorneys

This is the ideal software for lawyers and law firms, as it creates order and efficiency in your law practice. MicroArea for Attorneys provides all the professional services lawyers need to manage their cases and clients. Selected by the most european BAR ASSOCIATIONS to provide a standard software to their lawyers, the software has been converted in the standard tool for the biggest BARs of Europe.

Everything you need to manage your law practice…

Make more time to practice law, not manage it. Efficient, Affordable and Easy-to-Use. Work smart, not hard...

MicroArea for Attorneys

Product version and links

MicroArea for Attorneys is available in two versions:

MaGest  is available in two easy-to-use versions:

Professional: Oriented for individual lawyer. It is limited to only one law firm. Offered in Monoposition version.

Premium: Ideal for large and medium law firms. Multiposition version. Includes 3 web licences with the possibility of acquisition of additional licenses, Client/Server.

Consult the table of technical specifications to differentiate the characteristics that each version includes.

To further investigate its possibilities we have a series of links that will provide better information about the product:


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A Comprehensive Program

Everything you need to manage your law practice…

MicroArea for Attorneys is the ideal software for lawyers and law firms, as it creates order and efficiency in your law practice. Case Management provides all the professional services lawyers need to manage their cases and clients. This software offers client data files, address directories, time sheets and billing,case management, calendars, scheduling, reminders, document organization, task lists, search options, helpful legal databases, and more…

Free yourself from administrative paperwork, and allow MicroArea Case Management to do the organizing for you. Make more time to practice law, not manage it.

Efficient, Affordable and Easy-to-Use

Work smart, not hard...

There is a reason why  thousands of lawyers choose to use  MicroArea. There is a reason why we're Europe's largest provider of Case Management software.

Established over 20 years ago Micro Area Software has a history of providing solutions which work. The focus of our business is business control and labor management products.

Unlike many of the other companies in the market that are seeking to make a quick buck, by producing substandard poorly supported software, our products have been tried and tested for many users by people just like you.

Our company doesn`t rely on "hard selling", "upselling" and other sales gimmicks. The focus of our company has always been on providing a fully supported, quality product.

Case Management Overview

So, why do so many people choose MicroArea for Attorneys?
View the case with clarity and simplicity.
View the details of the case - Lawyers, Counterparties, Common parts, Work Completed, and financial details on one screen organized clearly in a modern interface. It is easy to use interface. We understand that you have more important things to do than attempt to navigate around a complicated, out of date interface. The interface of case management is easy to navigate, and similar to that of other Windows programs.

Send letters, emails and faxes from the program.
A favorite feature of many users, as this saves a great deal of time. Using a range of templates, it is possible to send emails, letters and faxes to clients from the program.

Import/Export between Microsoft Outlook.
Exchange tasks and contact details between Microsoft Outlook. Easily import your address book into Case Management.

Import links from websites/documents for easier access.

Uses Microsoft SQL.

Multi user access is possible, the software uses Microsoft SQL to allow fast and secure access to data.

Pre-Entered Lists-

Client Information: Store general and financial client data. Secure files contain easily accessible information on each client. Clearly organized with an electronic index, client files can be quickly opened to retrieve information or add data.

Project Management: Organize all cases, tasks and appointments with layouts displaying the essential information for each project. Easily add client data to specific projects, and edit project details. Search projects via filters and preferences.

Address Directory: Easy to enter and edit addresses; store multiple levels of information in one file; a simple display screen facilitates data location; and quickly search according to specific criteria.

Document Creation: Quickly draft, save and send documents, by using Microsoft Word templates and accessing addresses from the directory.

Timesheet Entries: Easily record work hours and fees, filter and organize with your own criteria, and control the timesheet details.

Billing: Efficiently enter client billing data from program databases, quickly calculate bills, and then send them using the address directory.

Network: Create a network of communication and enhance each link by adding link-specific information.

Click and Move: Move files into and out of the software with a click of the mouse.

E-mail Draft and receive e-mails using Outlook. Keep in touch with clients while you manage their cases.

Shortcuts: Access timesaving management shortcuts, and design abbreviations for quick data entry.

Search: Search all aspects of the program: cases, clients, bills, addresses etc… Narrow search by using advanced criteria, and customize for your needs.

Foreign Languages: Micro Area Case Management 2013 is available in several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Relevant Features

Address Management  

An organized and accessible directory of contacts made to meet the needs of the modern lawyer.  Address Management stores, orders and displays fully detailed files for each lawyer contact.  Client and colleague information can quickly be viewed and put to use.  The directory clearly displays the contact name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, notes and codes.  Plus, there are links to windows with more client information.  Address Management makes it easy to apply the directory information to any project, document, fax, e-mail, or letter.

Case and Client Management

Organize your legal affairs, know all your project details, and keep your clients close.  Case and Client Management provides a complete display of the important information associated with each case and client.  Input and access the data needed to carry out your law practice.  Case and Client Management gives you the liberty to control the details of your cases and clients.  Here, you are able to structure the layout to meet your individual needs, and personalize the fields with specific filters and preferences.
Document Management

Draft, edit and issue the documents needed for your law practice.  Document Management uses the Microsoft Word format, which allows you to quickly and easily write reports, agreements, letters and e-mails.  Then, with a simple click of the mouse, you can access client addresses and cases in order to prepare your documents for delivery.  You can save time and stress by letting Document Management guides your documents to their destinations.

Other Features

Task Management

Easily coordinate and manage tasks, meetings, and deadlines.  Task Management organizes your affairs by date, type and project, allowing you to keep up with each task.  You can add or eliminate tasks as they come and go, and input the data or details needed to help you perform the tasks efficiently.  Every due date can be marked with a warning to remind you when it is due, and help you keep your affairs in line.

Timesheet Management

A simple system for documenting all hours worked.  Timesheet Management creates accurate timesheets which record hours and fees associated with specific clients and projects.  Data entry is easy, and each timesheet can be enhanced by adding the details you desire.  Additional data fields include project descriptions, client information, codes, sales tax, and fee type.  Timesheet Management allows you to view your timesheets by day, week and month, plus, you can customize these views to support your management style.

Bill Management

Organize and issue bills according to the specific details of each client or project.  Bill Management provides fields for work summaries, hours worked, fee rates, fee types, expenses and transactions.  All bills are automatically calculated, and can be issued in foreign currencies as well.

Find the information you need in a fast and efficient manner.  Search the entire program by various criteria (case, client, task, code, address, bill…), or narrow your search with advanced options. You can also print search results once the search is complete.


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